Erosion Control

Erosion control is crucial to maintaining soil and water integrity. Flex MSE offers stakeholders and end users an affordable, dependable solution. From urban coastal areas to natural habitats, responsible reclamation plays a big part in maintaining balance in the development equation. Flex MSE creates reinforced vegetated slopes that decrease erosion and maximize available land. The Flex MSE Patented system protects soils from erosion without altering hydrology – providing a permanent, green solution.


Erosion Control

Flex MSE creates reinforced vegetated slopes that decreases erosion and maximize available land - providing a permanent green solution.


Flex MSE’s resilient green structures not only improve water quality, they repair damage to fragile natural areas, public assets and private property.

Range of Uses

Flex MSE can also be used for dams, weirs or bridge abutments, providing stability for nearly any aquatic application.


Building along sensitive waterways and tributaries often limits the choice of building materials. The versatility and ease of installation make installing Flex MSE in water a simple solution for traditionally hard to access areas.

Strong Components

he raw materials used in the construction of the Flex MSE components are incredibly stable in extreme heat and cold, as well as able to withstand strong water flow and complete submersion without breaking down prematurely..

Completed Projects

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