Flex MSE makes it easy to create a beautiful landscape. Flex MSE's versatility offers you the ability to build your wall to suit your landscape.


Quick Install

The install time of Flex MSE walls is half that of conventional Landscaping walls. The Flex MSE bags are also easy to install.

Cost Effective

The all-in costs for a Flex MSE wall are generally 40-50% less than other traditional systems.

Easy to Construct

DIY’ers to professional contractors can install Flex MSE using our simple installation methods.

Low site disturbance

Minimal excavation, light reinforcement, no forms, footings or rebar, and often no expensive drainage design.

Aesthetically amazing

No more graffiti or wall staining, or failures from frost cycles and leaky soils. Vegetation can range from grasses to flowers to trees to shrubs.

Irrigate your wall

Depending on site conditions, unlike other hard armour systems, Flex MSE can be irrigated to allow for beautiful and sustainable vegetation.

Completed Projects

Take a look at some of our completed projects.