Vegetated Wall System

When building with the Flex MSE Vegetated Wall System we always tell our clients to construct like traditional block retaining walls and finish like you would a landscaping project. Both aspects are integral to the system’s unique strengths and lifetime rating.

When Choosing Vegetation Things to Consider

Application Type

Growing Zone

Local invasive plant control programs

Exposure to sunlight


Vegetation planning for Flex MSE balances practical concerns and aesthetic desires. Depending on the planting method, vegetation is installed into the structure at completion or during construction of the project. It is recommended that full vegetation be achieved within 6 months of completion to ensure the system’s 120 year lifespan. However, this may also vary according to application, site characteristics and local climate.

Native drought tolerant plants will increase the long term viability of vegetation, as well as contribute to the sustainability of local plant life. Nitrogen binding and rhizomatous varieties are also great choices to be considered when developing your planting plan.

Completed Projects

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